Monday, January 10, 2011

Mari's of New York

One of the things that I'm most looking forward to when I actually have the storefront is the opportunity to customize basket and gift orders for my clients.  I'm excited to put together packages for clients looking to stock a new bride's first spice cabinet with the essential basic spices, for the athletic clients looking to boost their metabolism while eating low calorie/high flavor meals, for a man or woman who loves to barbecue and wants to create their own spice blends, and to the aspiring chef who wants a million different salts and spice infused sugars, to name just a few.  Wedding favors, however, will be one of the most fun for me to create, and hopefully one of the best customized products to sell!

I was inspired to write about favors after I read about Mari's of New York customized brownie favors.  Personally speaking, I think these are one of the classiest and thoughtful (because who doesn't love a brownie?) wedding favors I've seen in a while.


And here are a few other of my favorite favors! 


Check out c(oi)n:purse's homemade vanilla extract here!

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