Saturday, February 4, 2012

Apron Obession

{via Ice Milk Aprons}
Some of my favorite memories growing up are of cooking with my mom.  She's an excellent cook.  Hailing from a long line of good gourmets, my mom could make the only two ingredients left in a cupboard into a five course meal.  Often times, she did just that-- especially when we were growing up and didn't have much in the lines of a "cushion" in terms of the finances.  My mom is truly talented in the culinary arts world.  She's the type to grow her own herbs, to use real butter in all her recipes, and the type who never uses measuring cups yet everything seems to be miraculously perfect when all is baked and done.  You know the type I'm talking about, I'm sure.

Funny then, that I was recalling these memories over the Christmas vacation when we were all in charge of cooking a meal each night that we were together (think of it like "Top Chef: Family Style."  It was so much fun, and I highly recommend you do it with your family or friends!).  I stumbled upon these aprons in a magazine and instantly fell in love.  I remember being so excited as a little girl to put on my mom's apron and wrap the tie around my tiny waist ten million times.  These aprons by Ice Milk remind me of the grace my mom always had while she cooked and the elegance that I still admire about her today.

Now, which one to order AND which one to stock in the future coffee shop are the essential questions!


And if you haven't swooned enough already, their Wordpress blog is absolutely beautiful as well!  Riddled with recipes, family vignettes and amazing business inspiration, I hope you enjoy perusing as much as I did!

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