Thursday, June 21, 2012

Be Still My Heart

Sometimes the best cure for the restless soul is to drop everything and go-- go for a walk, go home, go travel, go to the beach...  I dropped everything last week and travelled to visit my amazing sister in San Francisco.  And then, then I went home.  How sweet it was to be home.

But, I'm not blogging about my Napa Valley adventure or my time spent at the lakehouse yet because I seem to have fallen in love on my flight back to Florida.  And when you fall in love, you need to let it share it with everyone.  So, ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to my new love, Joan's on Third in Los Angeles. I've never been here, but be still my heart, I'm smitten. 


Even Joan's bathrooms are well styled:

{all photography by Laure Joliet for Remodelista}

Besides the gorgeous interior design of the bakery and what I can only assume are the most delicious of gourmet treats, what impresses me most about Joan's business is her dedication to her family.  I was inspired to see she linked a gallery of images tagged, "Family Photos" right above the other impressive galleries of the marketplace and  her catered parties.  The Family Photos gallery has pictures of not only Joan's family (what an adorable grandson, by the way), but her "family" of employees, and even a few "family" sheep and cows!

Find her family photos here.  What a way to make your employees feel like a part of your business.  It's no wonder this woman has met with tremendous success.  *Love*

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